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We invite you to participate in the virtual exhibition "Products of the Southern Urals
Virtual exhibition "Products of the Southern Urals - is:

Real support of your business and attract the attention of potential customers

At our exhibition, any organization can submit their products a wide range of visitors. In contrast to the real show, we're not restricted to one theme. On the contrary, we strive to fully cover all industries and service sectors. Visitors (potential customers), visit a virtual exhibition, will be able to see not only interested in his product for your enterprise, but also find all necessary information about your firm, and really look at all your products, spending too much time and money.
The actual database of goods and services companies in South Ural
Despite the fact that, traditionally, business cards Chelyabinsk region remain Magnitogorsk steel, ferro alloys Chelyabinsk, pipes and metal
Now we can offer and the domestic and foreign markets much more: from high-quality building and decorating materials and electrical equipment up to household utensils, food and services.