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Fishing launches Fishing launch is meant for transportation and и and casting fishing nets, transportaion of fish in rivers and similar basins. "Грант"
Longitudinal clinometer D-072
Longitudinal clinometer D-072 Longitudinal clinometer D-072 is designed for measuring of a ship's trim difference in grades and meters. "КАТАВ-ИВАНОВСКИЙ ПРИБОРОСТРОИТЕЛЬНЫЙ ЗАВОД"
Inclinometer SDK-45M
Inclinometer SDK-45M Inclinometer SDK-45M represents a composite device for simultaneous determination of static and dynamic tilting of a ship "КАТАВ-ИВАНОВСКИЙ ПРИБОРОСТРОИТЕЛЬНЫЙ ЗАВОД"
Parallel ruler (navigational)
Parallel ruler (navigational) Parallel ruler is used for drawing of straight parallel to the given direction lines on the naval map. Parallel ruler consists of two joined by rods rulers made of plexiglass. The ruler is 450 mm long, 70 mm wide (when folded). Width of the working edge is 135 mm. The ruler weighs 275±30 g without a case. "КАТАВ-ИВАНОВСКИЙ ПРИБОРОСТРОИТЕЛЬНЫЙ ЗАВОД"
Navigational protractor
Navigational protractor Navigational protractor is used for drawing and measuring of angles, drawing of straight parallel to the given direction lines on the naval map. Navigational protractor is made of clear plexiglass in the form of a right triangle with 236 mm legs. Range of angles measurement of a navigational protractor - from 00 to 1800 to 3600. Scale division - 10. Protractor's weight without a case - 190 ±20 g. "КАТАВ-ИВАНОВСКИЙ ПРИБОРОСТРОИТЕЛЬНЫЙ ЗАВОД"
Chart weights D46х30
Dipping compass "I"
Dipping compass "I" Dipping compass "I" is designed for measuring of the angle of inclination of a magnetic field vector during the destruction of deviation heeling of a magnetic compass on a vessel. It is used for compass types KM 100, KM 145. "КАТАВ-ИВАНОВСКИЙ ПРИБОРОСТРОИТЕЛЬНЫЙ ЗАВОД"
Log IEL-2M
Log IEL-2M Log IEL-2M is a navigational measuring system set on marine and river vessels and designed for measuring of vessels' speed and covered distance through the water. "КАТАВ-ИВАНОВСКИЙ ПРИБОРОСТРОИТЕЛЬНЫЙ ЗАВОД"
Naval pyrotechnics
Naval pyrotechnics The signaling devices for sending distress or attention signals from sea ships, saving boats, rafts are also suitable for use on ships with an unlimited area of navigation. "Сигнал"
Deflector DR
Deflector DR Deflector DR serves for measuring of horizontal component of a magnetic field vector, influencing a compass rhumb card. "КАТАВ-ИВАНОВСКИЙ ПРИБОРОСТРОИТЕЛЬНЫЙ ЗАВОД"
Magnetic compass KM145-M (KM145-K)
Magnetic compass KM145-M (KM145-K) Compass KM145-M represents a KM145, complemented by an electronic device of course transmitting. It combines reliability of a traditional first-class magmetic compass and modern technologies, which help to fully integrate its navigational complexes. "КАТАВ-ИВАНОВСКИЙ ПРИБОРОСТРОИТЕЛЬНЫЙ ЗАВОД"
Log IEL-3 (IEL-2M2)
Log IEL-3 (IEL-2M2) Inductive electronic log IEL-3 (IEL-2M2) measures speed through the water and is designed for usage on ships and deep-sea vessels. Log IEL-3 is a development of a well-known device IEL-2M. It is constructed on the modern microprocessing base with interfaces in international code NMEA 0183 (IEC 1162-1 ) on RS232/422, providing their inclusion into registrartion systems and integrated navigational complexes. "КАТАВ-ИВАНОВСКИЙ ПРИБОРОСТРОИТЕЛЬНЫЙ ЗАВОД"
Analogue repeater (AR)
Analogue repeater (AR) Double-scale repeater of magnetic course. Coarse scale division - 1 gr., fine scale - 0,1 gr. It is designed for repeating information from magnetic compasses КМ 145-М and UКPМ-М. It receives data on interfaces RS232 and RS422, record NMEA 0183 (IEC 1162-1). It can be used for indication of a magnetic course from standard sources of other manufacturers. Power supply voltage: 12-24 V. Produced in modifications "bracketed" and "for setup in console". Dimentions: 200х205х131 mm. Weight: 3 kg. "КАТАВ-ИВАНОВСКИЙ ПРИБОРОСТРОИТЕЛЬНЫЙ ЗАВОД"