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Товары и услуги
Южного Урала
Building. Completion and Extension and their equipment
Heavy Concrete
Quality classes: БСГ, БСС, GOST (Russian Federal Standard) 7473-94

- Grade class В- 7,5; В-12,5; В-15; В-20; В-22,5; В-25 GOST (Russian Federal Standard) 7473-90- Grade class В-25; В-30

Workability class П 2Freeze resistance class F 50Water resistance class W 2Workability class П 2Freeze resistance class F 150Water resistance class W 4

Organization: Завод железобетонных изделий «РЕФОРС»
Address: РФ, 456910, Сатка, ул. Пролетарская, 59
Tel: +7 (35161) 96-7-40, 96-7-42